Tuesday (26/3) was very busy day in the city of Lubuk Pakam, Capital Deliserdang district. People crowded to the streets, especially the Indian Tamils ??who live there. That afternoon was so crowded because there was a celebration called “Pangguni Uttiram”. Pangguni Uttiram is a celebration by the Indian Tamil as a form of gratitude and self-control as well as to celebrate the closing year for Hindus. Pangguni Uttiram was banned by the Order New in 1973, so 1974 is the last celebration at the time. Finally, after all this time, and Governance Regime change, then 1998 to early new to the Tamil people of India, because in that year they can celebrate “Pangguni Uttiram” back. So from 1998 until now, “Pangguni Uttiram become an annual celebration, and even become an annual celebration for the city Lubuk Pakam itself, because it is not only celebrated by the people of India Tamil course, all elements of the community also helped enliven this event, both from local people, ethnic Chinese, and others - others.

      The event has been held Pangguni Uttiram since Monday (24/3)until Thursday (28/3), but the magnitude of the event held on Tuesday. Celebration itself starts since noon, by doing a vow “pin cheek / tongue “that was by inserting “alu” in the form of a iron rod length inserted from the left cheek to right cheek translucent. This was a shape votive / thank for his desire has been reached. However, to do that, there are several requirements that must be filled, among others, must fasted at least 3 weeks before the celebration, and a week before the feast celebration, should fast and stay at the Temple. Then, after a puncture tongue / cheek, then participants paraded around the main streets of the town along approximately 2km barefoot toward the Temple. Then in time afternoon, the Indian Tamil did  preparations for the event the next on evening that was “The procession of Kencana Cart ” which also around the main streets of town.

     Night came, which shows the long-awaited arrival. People was ready to celebrate, yes tonight would be fun night. Everyone well-dressed.. All the preparations were ready, and “Kencana Cart” were ready for parade. During the journey, accompanied by music - music was very tempting to sway together, yes tonight was a party,sway, as well as worship. Along the way, “Kencana Cart” drawn by 2 cows were very large, it would stop at some of the Indian Tamil house, and break coconuts, and then pray to the Gods that were on the “Kencana Cart”.

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